Past Projects

Rock the Vote Campaign – Summer 2011

The votes are in and we now have a Conservative Majority Government.

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This campaign was designed to increase student turnout in the 2011 Canadian General Election.  We at Dalhousie Vocaleyes believe that young, educated people, if vocal in their choices, can change the world.  It’s our time to step up.  It’s our time to Rock the Vote.

18 – 24 year-olds make up roughly 10% of the Canadian population.  That’s over 3 million people.  Yet only 24% percent of them voted at the 2008 General Election.

How many of you have student loans? How many of you have credit card debt?

How many of you want clear air, clean water, and civil liberty for every person in the world?

You think government isn’t about us?

10 years ago, youth turnout in the Canadian Federal Election was 36.2 percent below the national average.

Decisions are made by those who show up. You gotta Rock The Vote.


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