Rick Mercer Report

(If you do anything at all during this horrible weather, watch this video and Vote May 2nd)

Our very own Rick Mercer: Rant on the Canadian Election 2011

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Watch the (telephone) Polls

Keep an eye for these about town:

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Just a Reminder

Today is day two of Advanced Polling, if you aren’t going to be in town on the 2nd be sure to make it out today. Polling stations will be open from 12pm-8pm.

See you out there!

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For Residence Students

For those of you who live in Residence and don’t have a proof of address, you can contact your Residence Manager and ask for an Attestation of Residence.  Make sure to ask them if they are authorized by Elections Canada to sign the form, IF NOT, ask them who in your residence is.

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Let the Voting Begin

Today is the first day of Advanced Polling!

Polls will be open from 12:00pm to 8:00pm ON Friday April 22nd, Saturday April 23nd, and Monday April 25th

Make sure you bring with you a piece of Photo ID as well as a conformation of address

We’ll be volunteering for the Liberal Party of Canada! See you out there!!

DID YOU KNOW that you are legally entitled to take 3 hours off work to vote?

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Are You Ready?

“So we’re getting into the home stretch and the polling numbers haven’t shifted much. The Conservatives are sitting comfortably at 36% of the vote, with the Liberals 28%, and 19% for the NDP. The way things are looking, unless something pretty substantial happens soon, we’re likely looking at a whole lot of status quo.” – The Political Youth

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The Political Youth

Check out our friends at The Political Youth for up-to-date polling and news information on the Election.  They also have some pretty awesome insights into youth voting.

Link: the political youth

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