The Missing Women

“India is in the midst of a human rights crisis. The killing of female infants was once a feature of many societies, but in India this barbarism has continued into the 21st century. The widespread killing of female newborns and foetuses is rooted in the gender inequality that plagues the nation. Despite the introduction of laws forbidding it, dowry stills exists and has reduced the female child to a source of financial burden and, in the eyes of many Indian parents, something unworthy of life. The Indian norm of son preference has contributed to this discrimination and many of the women who do survive into adulthood are treated as objects whose sole purpose is to produce male offspring. Within this context, a culture in India has emerged which encourages sex-selective abortion (specifically, female foeticide) and female infanticide. Females will continue to be murdered in India until the country rejects these social norms and recognizes males and females as equals.”

– M. Armstrong (DVES contributor)

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