Social Dragonfly Project

Our friends from SFU on the West Coast founded the Social Dragonfly Project as an initiative to connect marginalized artisans living in developing countries with socially conscious consumers.

Check out their project at

Some of the artisans they are endorsing thus far:

This is Poonam.  Poonam, is 14 years old and lives with her grandmother and her two brothers in a small room. Her mother died when she was six months old and she doesn’t remember anything about her. Her father left the family when he found another woman to live with and does not contact his children nor does he support them financially. So Poonam’s grandmother, who is 65 years old, tries to earn enough money for food and rent by working as a maid in other people’s houses.

Poonam goes to school and wants to learn as much as she can, to support her grandmother.

And she has another issue to deal with. From birth she has had a hole in her heart but her small family did not have enough money to get her the medical attention she needs.

She also goes every day after school to learn arts and crafts and improve her English and Hindi skills.

Pooja lives with her parents, her sister and her two brothers in a small room near the Air Force. Her mother and her father work as construction workers, which is hard and unhealthy work. Because her parents have to work the whole day she does all the housework like cleaning, washing clothes, washing the dish and cooking. The shy and quiet girl with the big dark eyes dreams of going to a private school but her parents can’t afford the money.

“After school she comes to the Payal Sewing Centre because she wants to learn as much as she can to make her dream come true: become a teacher and earn enough money to support her parents and take care of them, when they are old.”

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